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Have you ever found yourself staring at a blank page, struggling to find the right words for your essay? Writing can be a daunting task, especially when you’re faced with tight deadlines and high expectations. But fear not! AI has brought us an incredible array of tools that can transform the way we write.

Imagine having a personal writing assistant at your fingertips, available 24/7 to help you craft compelling essays. Thanks to advancements in artificial intelligence, this dream is now a reality. Here are some of the most powerful free AI tools to write Essay that can take your writing to the next level

free ai to write essay


EssayGenius is a completely free tool (for now) which can generate excellent AI Essays and there is no need to sign up. The Essay generated are way better then what you would expect. Just follow the steps – add in your topic and you will get a a great essay in seconds.


Essaygenius assists users in generating high-quality written content that too for free. It uses Language Models to analyze user input and produce plagiarism free essays on various topics. There is no need for sign up either. The tool is straightforward and you can do a few amendments later on as well.

AI Essay Writer

Key Features

Free Essay Writer

You can choose writing style and tone


ChatGPT is a powerful Language Model and if used properly then it can produce wonders. For a Great Essay you just need to write a great prompt. The best part is its free and you can generate tons of content without spending a single penny.

However writing a great prompt can be tricky. Here is our complete guide for writing great AI Essays with ChatGPT Prompt

ChatGPT Prompts For Essay Writing


This free AI too for essay writing produces well crafted essays with just a few steps. You can decide on the number of citations and word count and you get a pretty decent output. If you already have some reference material you can use the paraphrasing tool to make it plagiarism free.

Myessaywriter.Ai assists users in generating high-quality written content that too for free. It uses Language Models to analyze user input and produce original and well-crafted essays on various topics included with citations. There is no need for sign up either. A great free tool for students, professionals, and anyone who needs to produce high-quality written content that is flawless.

AI Essay Writer | Paraphrasing Tool | AI Essay Outline

Key Features


Includes paid writing services as well

Bing AI

Bing has some great features when it comes to writing content. First of all unlike ChatGPT it can spit out latest information so your content wont be outdated secondly you get references from where the content is being referred from.

The eloquence of their Language model may not be as good as ChatGPT but with referencing and up to date content you get some decent results. Prompting is similar to ChatGPT so you can use the same prompts for Bing as well.

How to have AI write an essay?

If you’re looking to use AI to assist in writing an essay, you can follow these general steps:

  1. Understand the Topic: Gain a clear understanding of the essay topic and the points you want to cover.
  2. Use AI as a Tool: Research AI tools designed for content generation, like GPT-3 or other platforms that offer essay-writing assistance.
  3. Input Prompts: Provide the AI with relevant prompts, such as the essay topic, key ideas, or specific questions.
  4. Review and Edit: The AI-generated content might need editing for coherence and accuracy. Ensure that the content aligns with your understanding of the topic.
  5. Add Originality: Integrate your own insights, analysis, and understanding into the essay. This is where your critical thinking shines.
  6. Cite Sources: If the AI-generated content includes information from external sources, make sure to properly cite them.
  7. Proofread: Carefully proofread the essay for grammar, spelling, and stylistic errors.


This tool is not completely free but the free version is good enough if you aren’t producing content at scale. You get a lot of free tools in the free version plus you get around 10000 words which is good enough to generate up to 5 standard (2000 words) essay in a month.


Writesonic provides a complete writing solution. Write SEO optimized marketing copy for blogs, essays, Facebook ads, Google Ads, Quora answers, and sales emails to increase clicks, conversions, and sales. It runs on the Open AI Language Model ChatGPT-4 and the writing is great. However it is suited more for content at scale

AI Article & Blog Writer | Paraphrasing Tool |Article Summarizer | AI Copywriting  |Landing Pages | Ads Writer

Key Features


  • 10,000 words/month for 1 user
  • Chatsonic: ChatGPT-like chatbot & No-code AI chatbot builder (max. 1 bot)
  • 100+ AI Templates
  • AI Article Writer 4.0
  • Browser extensions & 1-Click WordPress Export
  • Landing Page Generator
  • Sonic Editor (Google Docs like Editor)
  • 25+ Languages

Paid Plan (Individual & Business)

  • Unlimited words with all of the above features plus:
  • Brand Voice (Upto 3)
  • Complete Article Rewriter
  • Factual and Personalized Article Writer (AI Article Writer 5.0; Uses GPT-4 32K)
  • Botsonic: No-code AI chatbot builder
  • API Access Bulk Processing
  • Priority access to new features


The world of writing is undergoing a transformative evolution, thanks to the emergence of free AI tools. Incorporating AI into your writing process doesn’t mean replacing human creativity; it means amplifying it. So use it wisely.

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