Is ChatGPT Good For Writing Essay?

Being a language model ChatGPT can come up with really eloquent outputs with the right Prompt. While ChatGPT can assist with generating text and providing guidance, it may not be the best tool for specifically writing great essay with a single prompt.  

You may get a generic Essay with a simple prompt but it will lack facts and figures, your personality or may miss out the essence of the essay altogether

Therefore for writing a great essay with ChatGPT Prompt, it is essential to understand how the prompts work and how you can use them perfectly. Let’s dive in and find out.

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Guideline for using ChatGPT for Essay Writing

No matter the kind of Essay you want to write, ChatGPT, if used correctly, can be of a lot of help. Honestly it’s better to come up with your own prompt which meets your criteria and personal touch. This way you will generate a more personalized and accurate Essay using ChatGPT. Here are some steps to help you write a killer essay with the assistance of ChatGPT:

Organize Relevant Info

Before you begin writing your Essay with ChatGPT, collect all the relevant information you want to include in it if you have it already. It can include particular data, books or links to particular research papers.

Take Advice from ChatGPT

Ask ChatGPT for an ideal structure and format for your Essay. Introduce yourself so that ChatGPT gets an Idea what Level is it writing for. The questions can be as generic so that you get an outline

Prompt: Act as a college student majoring in [Subject]  and give me a list of all essential heading and subheadings for a Essay on [Topic]

Or you can dive deep and give links to specific books, articles to get a more refined answer. Generate Multiple Outlines. Skim Them. Select the best and delete the rest.

Outline to Detailed Structure

After you have decided on the outline ask ChatGPT to give you a detailed Essay based on that outline. For more a more refined Essay you can tell ChatGPT to focus on certain heading more.

Prompt: Act as a [College Student] and write me an essay on the topic [add topic]. Use the heading and outline given below. Focus on [mention the section/ heading you want ChatGPT to focus on]. The Essay should not exceed [Number of words]. Use a Journalistic Tone and a Creative Writing Style [You can change the tone & writing style as per your requirement]. Here is the list of heading [Paste your list of subheadings]

Review & Revise

Review the responses provided by ChatGPT and refine the generated content to align it with your specific goal. ChatGPT can quote wrong facts, ensure the information is accurate and relevant. If some section is missing curtail information tell it elaborate it or add additional information.

Iterate & finalize

Continue this process of refining and improving your Essay based on the feedback and suggestions from ChatGPT. In the end no matter how good the ChatGPT resume writing prompt is, it would require some fine-tuning and human editing. 

Plagiarism & AI Content Detection

Written Content generated by ChatGPT is mostly plagiarism free but it can be detected by AI Content detectors. If you use the methods here probably most of the AI Content will not be detected however to ensure that there is no AI Content, you can use this Guide on AI Content Detection Tools to get rid of it.

ChatGPT can assist and generate ideas, exercise judgement, review generated content critically, and ensure the final Output accurately represents your unique touch.

ChatGPT Essay Writing Prompts

You can write an Essay from scratch with a single prompt. The Prompt can be as simple as “Write me a Essay on [Topic]. I am a College Student” But the result will be be pathetic so you will need a more complex prompt.

There are two ways of doing that. Writing A Single Complex Prompt or Preparing ChatGPT by a series of Prompt. Let’s Check Out Both: 

Single Complex ChatGPT Prompt

Prompt: Act like a [add your level] Student who is majoring in [Subject]. You are fluent in English and have to write an Essay on [Topic]. The Essay should include all essential part like Intro, Main Body and Conclusion. The Essay needs to be [Word count] long. You have to write [For or Against] the topic. Add Quotations in the Essay [Add in any specific quotations if you have any]. Include facts and figures in the Essay [Add Data or Facts or Figures if you have any]. Do not use Verbosity or Fluff. Use Professional and Journalistic [Add Any other tone you want to use] tone of Writing. Use [1st or 3rd Person] style of writing.

Once you have generated an outline essay work of the parts which you think require improving. If your essay is long then you can task ChatGPT to give you an outline and then you task in to write about one heading at a time.

Preparing ChatGPT by a Series of Prompts

Prepping is where instead of giving one giant prompt to ChatGPT with a lot of complex instructions, we instead ask it one step at a time to complete various tasks in the prompt. At the end of each prompt, we add “do you understand” meaning that ChatGPT will respond with yes I understand, and then store the information, instead of immediately starting to write.

ChatGPT Prompts For Essay Writing

Prompt: I want you to help me write a blog post today. You are SEO WriterGPT. Do not start writing until I say “LET’S GO CHATGPT”. Throughout the article please use H2 and H3 markdown headings and titles Do you understand?

ChatGPT: Of course, I understand your request. Just let me know when you’re ready to start, and we can begin working on your blog post using H2 and H3 markdown headings and titles. Just say “LET’S GO CHATGPT” to begin!

Prompt: I want you to help me write a Essay  today. You are WriterGPT. Do not start writing until I say “LET’S GO CHATGPT”. Throughout the article please use H2 and H3 markdown headings and titles Do you understand?

ChatGPT: Absolutely, I understand your request. Just let me know when you’re ready to start the essay, and we can proceed using H2 and H3 markdown headings and titles. Please instruct me to begin by saying “LET’S GO CHATGPT.”

Prompt: The topic is going to be “Global Warming & Green House Effect” Do you understand?

ChatGPT: Absolutely, I understand the topic is “Global Warming & Greenhouse Effect.” Please let me know when you’re ready for me to start writing the essay.

Prompt: You are writing for a College Student who is speaks English as a second language but is a straight A’s student. He has to write an Essay of 2000 words. Do You Understand?

ChatGPT: Got it! Writing for a high-achieving college student with English as a second language who needs to write a 2000-word essay on “Global Warming & Greenhouse Effect.” Please let me know when you’re ready for me to begin.

Prompt: I want you to try to include as much markdown formatting as possible. Normally, a good practice is to use a list or a table to break up large walls of text. Also, please try to use creativity, burstiness, personal stories, and perplexity. Use a journalistic tone and a creative writing style.

Review Essay with ChatGPT Prompt

Now that you have written the Essay and given in your own human touch. You can use ChatGPT to review your Essay for Grammatical Mistakes.

Prompt: Act as a English Professor.Review my Essayand provide feedback: Guideline for feedback: Which additional sections should I add to make it better? What are the grammatical mistakes? What should I add to make the Intro and Conclusion more attractive? [Paste Your Essay]

Proofread / Rewrite Essay with ChatGPT

Another way to review is to rewrite the whole Essay with ChatGPT Prompts. You can use the ChatGPT Prompts for Essay Writing Below to do that

Prompt: [Paste Your Resume]. Rewrite this Essay, Correct Grammatical Errors if any, Use a professional tone and writing style. Add in missing sections (if any). Make it Plagiarism and AI Content Detection Free.

Prompt:  “[PASTE FULL RESUME TEXT] Please proofread it and show all the spelling mistakes & grammatical errors”

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Limitations of ChatGPT while Writing Essay

  1. No real-time data access, reliant on knowledge up to September 2021.
  2. Possibility of generating incorrect or misleading information; fact-checking essential.
  3. Sensitive to input phrasing and context; clear and specific prompts recommended.
  4. Tendency to be verbose or overuse certain phrases; review and editing may be necessary.
  5. Lacks personal experience or subjective judgment; relies on patterns from text data.
  6. Difficulty with ambiguous or open-ended prompts; prefers well-defined instructions.
  7. Potential for biased or inappropriate responses; efforts made to mitigate, but biases can still arise.

Tips for AI to write your essay

At its core, ChatGPT is a language model developed by OpenAI. It’s designed to generate human-like text based on the input it receives. Think of it as having a conversation with a highly knowledgeable friend who can provide insights, information, and creative suggestions.

Generating Ideas

Every essay begins with an idea. If you’re stuck at the brainstorming stage, ChatGPT can be your muse. Engage with it by explaining the topic or the angle you’re considering. It can offer fresh perspectives, introduce relevant subtopics, and even provide statistics or anecdotes to kickstart your thought process.

Crafting Compelling Intros

The introduction sets the tone for your essay. With ChatGPT, you can collaborate on drafting an engaging introduction. Share a brief overview of your essay’s theme, and let ChatGPT weave its magic. It might suggest thought-provoking questions, impactful quotes, or a captivating narrative hook that keeps your readers intrigued.

Build a Solid Structure

An organized essay is a joy to read. When outlining your essay’s structure, ChatGPT can help you decide on the key points to cover in each section. You can discuss the main ideas you want to convey, and ChatGPT can provide suggestions for subheadings, transitions, and even the order in which to present your arguments.

Fleshing Out Arguments

As you delve into the body of your essay, ChatGPT becomes a valuable resource for elaboration. Describe your argument, and ChatGPT can supply relevant facts, examples, and counterpoints to strengthen your case. It’s like having an extensive research assistant available at your fingertips

Polishing with Precision

Language proficiency plays a vital role in essay writing. ChatGPT can assist you in refining your prose. Whether you need to find more eloquent synonyms, improve sentence structures, or ensure grammatical accuracy, ChatGPT’s suggestions can elevate your writing to the next level.

Concluding on a High Note

Conclusions should leave a lasting impression. Share the essence of your essay’s message with ChatGPT, and it can help you wrap up with impact. Whether you’re aiming for a call to action, a reflective insight, or a memorable closing statement, ChatGPT can guide you toward an effective conclusion.

Embracing Your Unique Voice

It’s important to note that while ChatGPT is a powerful tool, your voice and creativity remain essential. The suggestions provided by ChatGPT are meant to enhance your writing, not replace it. Your personal touch, experiences, and perspective give your essay its distinct character.

Collaboration for Excellence

In the realm of essay writing, ChatGPT serves as a collaborator that complements your skills. It can be a wellspring of inspiration, a well-informed informant, and a source of guidance. With ChatGPT by your side, the journey from a blank page to a polished essay becomes a smoother, more enjoyable experience.

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