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Gone are the days of manually crafting resumes for hours on end. AI-powered tools have made the process quicker, smarter, and more efficient. These tools use natural language processing and machine learning algorithms to analyze job descriptions, identify relevant keywords, and tailor your resume accordingly. They can help you showcase your skills, experience, and qualifications in a way that aligns with the job requirements, significantly increasing your chances of getting noticed by recruiters.

But most good tools are Paid! or are they? Lets uncover some of the best free AI Tools to Write Resume.

AI Resume builders for free

ChatGPT is great for generic content writing. But when it comes to technical writing then ChatGPT require a lot of human input to get the desired outcome. If we use ChatGPT for Resume Writing without understanding how the prompts work then surely the output will be average or even below average.

To bypass this shortcoming either we can use special tailored prompts for writing resume with ChatGPT or use tools for resume writing. So, here we have a list of free resume writing tools which support AI.

1. Skillroads free AI Resume Tool

Skill road is a simple and free AI resume writing tool that helps you write a killer resume however it is to be noted that the resume will carry a water mark. They don’t have a paid version with locked features and all features are available in the free version


Skillroads is an expert resume builder created for anyone searching for a job with the purpose of making this process much easier and less stressful. With our smart free resume generator, it’s possible to build a resume without any help. It’s only a tiny fraction of your time that is needed — our AI will do all the work. Looking for a way to improve your resume? Our resume builder allows you to do it quickly and for free with a watermark. Make your resume right now and start looking for a new job today to succeed tomorrow!

AI Resume Builder | AI Resume Rewriter

Key Features

Free Plan

  • Resume Writing
  • Resume Editing
  • LinkedIn Profile Makeover

2. TealHQ ai to create resume free

TealHQ is one of the best free AI Resume Builder. Though the free version has limited feature it still is sufficient to write a decent Resume. The best part being you can create unlimited resumes in the free version.


Tealhq is a professional AI resume maker and the best part is the free version does a fairly decent job. You can add your information either by uploading an existing resume or importing your LinkedIn profile, use AI resume builder to select which work experiences to include in each resume or Match resume to job description. Get AI-generated resume summaries, achievements, and cover letters which are ATS-complaint

AI Resume Builder | AI Resume Reviewer | AI Cover Letter Builder | LinkedIn Profile Reviewer

Key Features

Free Plan

  • Unlimited Resumes & Templates
  • Unlimited Job Tracking with 1 Email Template Per job stage
  • Limited AI Usage for Resume Building
  • Basic analysis in the resume builder & Keyword Matching

Paid Plan

  • Everything in Teal Free
  • Unlimited Advanced Resume Analysis & Resume Keyword Matching
  • Unlimited AI Usage for Resume Building
  • Unlimited keywords listed in the job tracker
  • Unlimited Email Templates
  • No ads across the entire platform

3. Resumaker.aI

Resumaker is a completely free, easy to use resume writing tool. This free AI Resume Builder has all the essential tools for writing a great resume. Either you want to write a resume from scratch or review your already written resume this tool can be really handy. allows users to incorporate keywords into their resume that derive from the job description, recruiting company’s website, or descriptions of similar jobs in other companies. offers real-time content analysis to help users tailor their resume to their specific career goals. The platform includes various designer-made templates and easy-to-use features to help users tailor their resumes to their specific career goals.

AI Resume Builder | AI Resume Reviewer | AI Cover Letter Builder | LinkedIn Profile Reviewer

Key Features

Free Plan

  • Built-in AI engine. Auto-complete and fill data for you.
  • Your data is safe. Protected by strong 256-bit encryption and SSL certificate.
  • Professionally designed resume templates. Get a beautiful resume in 5 minutes.

Rezi automates all the steps in creating a good resume. The free credits are enough for writing 2-3 resumes. This free AI resume writing tool is good enough if you are looking to write a single resume, get a summary or write a cover letter.


Rezi automates every aspect of creating a hirable resume—writing, editing, formatting, and optimizing. You can easily design a fully ATS -Optimized resume in a few clicks. Choose colors, formatting, font sizing, pictures, and more. It also has a special feature called AI – Skill explorer. The Skills Explorer delivers inspiration by discovering related skills in your resume. Furthermore it has resume templates, rating matrix and tailors resume with keywords for the job you want.

AI Resume Builder | AI Resume Summary | AI Cover Letter Builder | AI Resignation Letter

Key Features

Free Plan

  • Resume Builder
  • You get some free credits but for more you have to buy credits
  • Rezi Score – Limited
  • Real Time Content Analysis – Limited

Paid Plan

  • Cover letters
  • Resignation Letter
  • Rezi Score
  • Rea time Content Analysis
  • Resume Expert Review

5. KickResume

KickResume is another great free AI Resume Builder. The free plan lets you write 4 resume with templates and covering letter. For a single time user this free AI Resume Tool has all the features required to write a killer Resume.

Kick Resume

Kick Resume is a complete resume creating tool. You can use templates, AI tools, resume review tools or resume rewrite tool. Apart from that it has decent tools for creating covering letters and resignation letter. The free tool is sufficient to create decent resume but to get the full benefits you would require a plan.

AI Resume Builder | AI Resume Rewriter | AI Cover Letter Builder | AI Job Interview Questions Generator | AI Resignation Letter Generator

Key Features

Free Plan

  • 4 basic resume templates with 4 matching cover letter templates
  • 1 basic website template
  • 20,000 pre-written phrases
  • 1,500+ resume examples
  • Unlimited downloads

Paid Plan

  • 35+ professional resume templates with 35+ matching cover letter templates
  • 7 personal website templates
  • Full customization options
  • AI resume checker & AI Writer
  • Priority email & chat support


  1. What Is a professional resume?

    A professional resume is a meticulously crafted overview of your skills, background, and accomplishments, strategically presented to showcase your value in the eyes of potential employers. Its purpose is to capture the interest of hiring managers and differentiate you from other candidates. Tailoring your professional resume to match specific job requirements allows you to accentuate what uniquely qualifies you for the role.

  2. What is meant by ATS-friendly?

    ATS, or Applicant Tracking System, is a tool often employed by employers to process incoming resumes. When you’ve submitted job applications, you might have been asked to upload a resume. ATS-friendly signifies that our resumes are formatted to seamlessly navigate these systems, relieving you of the need to repeatedly upload the same details.

  3. Can an AI resume builder ensure job placement?

    While an AI-powered resume builder can significantly enhance your resume’s appearance and emphasis on skills and experience, it cannot guarantee employment. However, it does elevate your chances of creating a visually appealing resume that effectively highlights your qualifications.

  4. How can I select the most suitable AI resume builder?

    When selecting the optimal AI-powered resume builder, factor in its offerings, including personalized templates, tools for job-specific optimization, and writing insights. Additionally, read user feedback and compare pricing structures to identify a resume builder that aligns with both your requirements and budget.

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