Is ChatGPT Good For Writing Resumes?

Being a language model CHatGPT can come up with really eloquent outputs with the right Prompt. While ChatGPT can assist with generating text and providing guidance, it may not be the best tool for specifically writing friendly resumes with a single prompt.  

It can provide general resume writing tips and suggestions, but it doesn’t have the specialized knowledge about the intricacies of for the latest trends in resume optimization or what your job description says.

For creating resumes, it is better to use a variety of prompts and add in human input to produce the best possible resume. Here we are going to discuss how you can use ChatGPT resume writing prompts to do that.

Guideline for using ChatGPT for Resume

No matter the kind of resume you want to write, ChatGPT, if used correctly, can be of a lot of help. Honestly it’s better to come up with your own prompt which meets your criteria. This way you will generate a more personalized Resume using ChatGPT. Here are some steps to help you write a resume with the assistance of ChatGPT

Organize Relevant Information: Before you begin writing resume with ChatGPT, collect all the relevant information you want to include in your resume. It will include your qualifications, skills, work experience, achievements, contact details and so on.

Take Advice from ChatGPT: Ask ChatGPT for an ideal structure and format for your resume. The questions can be as generic as “Give me a list of all essential sections for a professional resume? Or you can go in a bit more detail giving in all your credentials and profession so that it guides by giving you an outline.

Base your Resume on Job Criteria: Use ChatGPT to understand the job description what it demands and what skills would it require. Just enter Your Job Description and ask ChatGPT to assess what key skills and requirements one should have to fulfil the job requirement.

Outline to Detailed Structure: After you have decided on the outline ask ChatGPT to give you a detailed resume based on that outline. To getter a better output give in all you credential, qualification experiences etc. This will help ChatGPT produce a better resume.  

Review and Revise: Review the responses provided by ChatGPT and refine the generated content to align it with your specific qualifications, experiences, and achievements. Ensure the information is accurate and relevant. It maybe be the case that you already have a Resume. ChatGPT can help you review and improve the language and grammar. Ask for suggestions on sentence structure, word choice, or any other areas that need refinement.

Iterate and finalize: Continue this process of refining and improving your resume based on the feedback and suggestions from ChatGPT. In the end no matter how good the ChatGPT resume writing prompt is, it would require some fine-tuning and human editing. 

ChatGPT can assist and generate ideas, exercise judgement, review generated content critically, and ensure the final resume accurately represents your unique qualifications and experience.

All Type of ChatGPT Resume Writing Prompts

Single ChatGPT Prompt Resume

You can write a resume from scratch with a single prompt. The Prompt can be as simple as “Write me a resume for a job at a construction company. I am a civil engineer” This will give you a outline to work on which you can improve on or you can make it more detailed like the Prompt below. In short the result will be a general outline which you can refine manually or refine further using ChatGPT.

ChatGPT Resume Writing Prompts

Prompt: Act like a job applicant and write me a professional sample Resume. Leave black space for key details that I have missed out. Details are as following. Name: Tim Bob ; Qualifications: Bachelor of Science in Construction Project Management Everglades University ; Year : 2014 ; Certifications: Construction Manager (CCM), Certified Professional Constructor (CPC),Project Management Professional (PMP) ; Experience : Construction Project Manager August 2017–September 2019 at JC Pvt Ltd ; Key achievements : Supervised the completion of 5 large commercial projects and 12 residential developments in northern New Jersey.

ChatGPT Prompt for Resume

Review Resume with ChatGPT Prompt

Most of us already have an old resume but it’s not that great or you want to add further details in a professional manner. You can use ChatGPT for resume review.

Prompt: “Act as a professional resume reviewer at a construction firm. I am applying for the Job of Assistant Project Manager. Review my resume and provide feedback: Guideline for feedback: Which additional sections should I add to make it better? What type of action verbs should I choose? What should I add to make the summary more attractive? Does the resume feel professional?

how to use ai to write resume

Rewrite Resume with ChatGPT

Another way review is to rewrite the whole Resume with ChatGPT Prompts. You can use the ChatGPT Prompts for Resume Writing Below to do that

 [Paste Your Resume]. Rewrite this resume for job application for [Job Description], Correct Grammatical Errors if any, Use a professional tone and writing style. Add in missing sections (if any). Make it ATS-friendly.

The most important section in a resume is the summary and the work experience section

 [Paste your resume] Rewrite this resume. Focus on the Summary and the Work Experience Portion and make it more hooking. Maintain a professional tone.

Tailor Resume Based on Job Description

Another way of looking at a resume is to look at what the job demands. Based on the job you can instruct ChatGPT to highlight what all credential you should have to fulfil the criteria. This way you won’t miss out essential details. Here is a Resume Prompt for ChatGPT based on Job Description

“[Insert Job Description] This is the Criteria for Job Applicants to apply.  Act as a Job applicant and understand the requirements for the position – including education, experience and skills. Based on the Job Criteria review this resume [Paste Your Resume]. Rewrite and tailor it as per the Job Criteria.

Another thing that you can do with the Job description is to highlight your Soft and Hard skills based on the Job criteria. This will focus your resume on your strengths and abilities based on the job requirement. To effectively use ChatGPT for this, we suggest the following steps:

Prompt: [Insert Job Description] This is the Job Criteria for the post of [Insert Job Title] at a [Type of organization]. Based on this generate a list of key skills relevant to the job role. Separate Hard and Soft Skills.

Once your list is generated, you could either use ChatGPT to match your experience based on these skills or do it manually. Here is a prompt for that:

Prompt: Based on these skills give me a list of experiences which hone these skills

Include Actionable Verbs Using ChatGPT

Prompt: I am sharing the Work Experience section of my resume below. Please rewrite it using actionable synonyms.

Resume Summary/Objective Using ChatGPT

Crafting an impactful summary section for your resume is crucial in highlighting your value to potential employers and encouraging them to explore your qualifications further. To create an effective summary, share your experiences and the specific job position you are targeting. Additionally, consider asking for multiple versions to customize according to your needs and preferences. Here’s a prompt to help you get started:

Prompt: Act like a job applicant and write me a professional sample Resume. Leave black space for key details that I have missed out. Details are as following.

Name: [Insert Name]; Qualifications: [Insert qualifications] ; Certifications/Courses ;[Insert details]; Experience : [Add experience and number of years] ; Key achievements : [Insert achievements] ; Soft & Hard Skills [Insert Skills]. Based on all this information provide me a three professional summary for a resume applying for [Job Title] at a [Type of organization]

If you already have a resume, you may use the following prompt instead:

Write a concise professional summary for my resume (under 100 words) [Paste your resume]

Based on my resume below, develop a summary that incorporates metrics and total years of experience, keeping it shorter than 500 characters. [Paste your resume.]

Generate a summary that highlights my skills and experiences pertinent to a [Job Title]. [Paste your resume.]

Proofread Your Resume Using ChatGPT

“[PASTE FULL RESUME TEXT] Please proofread it and show all the spelling mistakes & grammatical errors”

Tailoring Your Resume Effectively with ChatGPT

When applying for numerous job opportunities, customizing your resume to each specific job posting can significantly increase your chances of landing an interview. However, we understand that this process can be time-consuming and overwhelming. That’s where ChatGPT comes to your aid! Utilize ChatGPT to tailor your resume for various job applications with the following prompt:

Prompt: Customize the provided resume to emphasize key skills, experiences, and qualifications that align with the requirements of the <title of job> role. Here is the corresponding job description <insert job description>.

The output generated by ChatGPT can serve as an excellent starting point for your tailored resume. However, we strongly recommend editing and personalizing it further before submitting your job application. While ChatGPT adeptly reframes key skills for the new role, the professional summary and work experience sections require strengthening. The current professional summary sounds robotic and lacks the human touch that a skilled writer would provide. Additionally, some bullet points in the work experience section lack specificity, action statements, or quantifiable achievements.

To make your resume more impressive and impactful, consider the following tips:

  • Revise the professional summary to infuse it with your unique voice, highlighting your strengths and career objectives.
  • Enhance the work experience section by using strong action verbs and incorporating specific accomplishments with quantifiable results.
  • Utilize bullet points where necessary to present information clearly and concisely.

By investing time in customizing and enhancing these sections, you’ll create a standout resume that effectively showcases your qualifications and increases your chances of securing your dream job. Remember, personalizing your resume demonstrates your dedication and attention to detail, setting you apart from other applicants.

  • Using the resume and job description below, showcase 10 relevant skills I should highlight. [Copy/paste your current resume and the job description.]
  • Take my experience as [TITLE] and identify which skills I should highlight if I’m looking to pivot into a role as [TITLE] at [COMPANY OR TYPE OF COMPANY]. [Copy/paste your current resume; you can also try with both your resume and the job description.]
  • Here’s my resume. How would you rewrite it if you were applying to this [TITLE] role at [COMPANY]? Include metrics in the achievements. [Copy/paste your resume and the job description.]

Limitations of ChatGPT

  1. No real-time data access, reliant on knowledge up to September 2021.
  2. Possibility of generating incorrect or misleading information; fact-checking essential.
  3. Sensitive to input phrasing and context; clear and specific prompts recommended.
  4. Tendency to be verbose or overuse certain phrases; review and editing may be necessary.
  5. Lacks personal experience or subjective judgment; relies on patterns from text data.
  6. Difficulty with ambiguous or open-ended prompts; prefers well-defined instructions.
  7. Potential for biased or inappropriate responses; efforts made to mitigate, but biases can still arise.

using ChatGPT for resume writing: Tips

Here are best practices to keep in mind while leveraging ChatGPT for resume writing:

  • Identify your purpose: Before using ChatGPT, be clear about what you’re looking for. Are you seeking general feedback on your resume, looking to improve a particular section, or wanting to add more keywords? Identifying your goals would enable you to develop more tailored prompts and yield specific results.
  • Specific information is key to personalization: When seeking advice or feedback, provide context regarding your career goals, target industry, and any other relevant information that may assist ChatGPT in providing more tailored and accurate responses. For example, in the above prompts, we asked ChatGPT to review a specific job role and a resume to provide tailored advice.
  • Avoid complicated jargon: Remember to not copy content generated by ChatGPT as is, as it may contain industrial jargon that the recruiters may not be familiar with. Ensure your resume is cohesive and easy to understand.
  • Provide examples: To help ChatGPT understand exactly what you want,  give examples with your prompts. This will enable the tool to deliver more effective responses. For example, you could ask, “Rewrite the following bullet point, using the same format, tone, and structure as this other bullet point <paste example bullet point>.”
  • Review content for accuracy: Sometimes, ChatGPT yields results that may be exaggerated or not entirely accurate. Thus, reviewing the content generated is important to ensure it’s truthful and reflects your experiences.
  • Don’t forget to proofread: Before sending any material generated by ChatGPT, double-check for errors. Artificial intelligence, while sophisticated, is not always perfect.
  • Seek human feedback: Before submitting your resume, ask a friend, mentor, or career coach to review your resume. It’s a good idea to get a set of human eyes to review your resume for any issues

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