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ChatGPT is here to stay and so is it AI produced content. Whether we like it or not It will be used to produce content by students but its important to realize that its just a tool. Just as a calculator don’t make someone a mathematician similarly ChatGPT won’t make you a scholar.

So lets learn how not get caught using ChatGPT.

But I strongly encourage users to use AI, including ChatGPT, responsibly and ethically. Academic integrity and honesty are essential values to uphold in educational settings and beyond.

Disclaimer: If used to produce academic or professional content, it is crucial to properly attribute the AI-generated text and supplement it with original analysis and insights. Academic integrity is of utmost importance, and students should follow their institution’s guidelines and policies regarding the use of AI tools for academic work.

Can you be caught using chat gpt?

The answer depends on on the intent of the checker. Either Chat GPT Content is being checked for Plagarism or AI Content.

If we talk about Plagiarism then most plagiarism detectors cannot detect it.

ChatGPT itself does not engage in plagiarism. As an AI language model, ChatGPT generates responses based on patterns and information it has learned from a wide range of sources. It is possible that some generated responses may inadvertently resemble existing content or be similar to information found on the internet.

Lets use an example : The American Civil War

If we run this essay through a plagiarism checker the answer will probably be 100% plagiarism free. Here we have the result of duplichecker.

However Chat GPT can be caught for AI Content quite easily. Here is the result from

As an AI language model, Chat GPT’s content can be analyzed and detected by other AI systems and tools designed for content moderation, monitoring, or filtering. These AI systems can be used to identify various aspects of the content generated by Chat GPT. These content moderation systems employ various techniques, including machine learning algorithms, natural language processing, and pattern recognition, to identify and handle potentially problematic content.

AI Content Detection at School& Collages

Do schools detect chat gpt?

Well probably most schools or teachers will not use High End AI Content detection softwares but Its quite easy for a good teacher to identify the writing style of each student. They may notice patterns, inconsistencies, or unusually advanced language that could raise suspicions.

During assessments or assignments, teachers may ask follow-up questions or engage in discussions with students to gauge their understanding of the content and identify any discrepancies between their verbal explanations and the written work.

PS: Once suspicion arises its quite easy to put that content through any AI content detector and get a fair idea.

Can Universities Detect ChatGPT

Collages and Universities have a far more elaborate System to Identify Plagiarized and AI content.

Plagiarism Detection Software: They often employ plagiarism detection software that scans written assignments, essays, or research papers and compares the content to a vast database of existing texts, including web pages, articles, and academic papers. If the AI-generated content matches any existing material, it will be flagged as potential plagiarism.

Manual Review: Teachers may manually review students’ work for signs of AI-generated content. They may notice patterns, inconsistencies, or unusually advanced language that could raise suspicions.

Style Analysis: Educators might use style analysis to compare the writing style and language of a student’s work to their previous submissions or known writing patterns.

Questions and Follow-ups: Teachers may ask follow-up questions to gauge your understanding of the content and identify any discrepancies between their verbal explanations and the written work.

Checking AI Plagiarism

Its quite easy for checking for AI Plagiarism. There are countless tools in the market for checking out AI content generated by ChatGPT & Other AI writing tools. A few good tools that we have tried and tested include.


Corrector App


Its important to remember that the result may vary for the same content. The result for earlier example of American Civil War Show different result for different result. We have found GPT Zero to be more accurate when it come to AI content detection. 

AI Plagiarism Checker for ChatGPT

Use ChatGPT Without Being Detected

Here are a few tips and tricks that will help you beat a GPT detector.

ReWrite ChatGPT To Avoid Detection

Leverage Natural Language Variation: Inject deliberate changes in language style, sentence structures, and word choices. Mimic the diversity found in human writing, making it harder for AI content detectors to identify patterns associated with AI generation.

Embrace Imperfections: Introduce intentional errors and grammatical mistakes. Human writing often contains minor flaws, and incorporating them in the content can lend a human-like touch, deterring AI detection.

Infuse a Human Touch: Enhance AI-generated content by adding a human touch. Incorporate the latest facts and figures, as AI models may not always have access to up-to-date data. This is surely change the odds.

Incorporate Complex Prompts

Train AI models with a broad range of sources and writing styles. By exposing the model to diverse contexts and tailored prompts, the AI-generated content will exhibit greater diversity, challenging AI detectors.

Here is an example of the same essay on American Civil War. We have used a bit more complex Prompt rather then a generic one.

The results afterward on GPTZero are different. You can use more complex Prompts giving an outline to make it even more better and avoid ChatGPT content detection. 

Use Latest AI Models

Stay updated with the most recent and advanced AI models. Using the latest technology can generate content that poses a greater challenge for current AI content detectors. Use or Bard instead of ChatGPT alone

Combine results for multiple AI Models: Use Bard, ChatGPT and other AI content writing tools and then mix and combine the results. As most of the AI content detectors are trained on a single AI Language Model It would be really hard for your content to be detected.

If you want to know further we have a in-depth guide to how to ensure your content passes AI detection

Remember that AI detectors and plagiarism detection systems are continually evolving to improve their accuracy and effectiveness. Instead of trying to outsmart these systems, embrace AI technology responsibly and use it as a tool to support your learning and creative process. Ultimately, practicing academic honesty and originality will benefit your personal growth and contribute too.

Before You Leave….

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  1. Can colleges detect ChatGPT?

    Yes, colleges can detect if students use ChatGPT or other AI language models to generate content. Plagiarism detection software and manual review by professors can help identify AI-generated content that lacks originality.

  2. Can professors tell if you use ChatGPT?

    Professors experienced in evaluating students’ work might be able to detect AI-generated content based on language patterns, inconsistencies, or unnatural styles. Additionally, if students fail to provide proper attribution or show a lack of understanding of the content, it might raise suspicion.

  3. Is ChatGPT detectable by Turnitin?

    Turnitin and similar plagiarism detection services are designed to identify similarities between submitted content and existing sources, including AI-generated content. Therefore, Turnitin can potentially detect content generated by ChatGPT or other AI language models.

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