AI Tools For Teachers

Academia has been at the forefront of adopting AI technology, with students across all grade levels incorporating AI into their daily routines.

When used ethically, AI can serve as a valuable tool for enhancing productivity and efficiency, much like a calculator. It is essential to emphasize that ethical use depends on the user’s discretion.

In the field of academia, teachers are also started using AI tools to streamline their work and improve their effectiveness.

Here are some AI tools that can empower educators and enhance their productivity:

AI Tools For Primary, Middle & High School teachers

Education Copilot

Education Copilot is a complete solution for teachers. Whether you are a kindergarten, elementary, middle or high school teacher this tool is designed to help you.

With a AI Educational Assistant that does it all from Lesson planning to Quiz generation this tool can be very powerful for teachers. There are some free features but to avail the full potential and let teaching run on autopilot you have to purchase the premium version.

AI Tools for Teachers

Education Copilot

Educational Copilot is an AI-powered educational tool designed to simplify the creation of lesson plans and other educational materials.  Combine multiple tools into one, allowing you to generate lesson plans, PowerPoints, and more simultaneously.

Generate lists of ideas for lessons or projects. Scaffold lessons with context builders, ensuring students grasp essential concepts. It streamlines educational planning and content creation, making it an invaluable tool for educators seeking efficiency and effectiveness in their teaching methods.

AI Educational Assistant| AI Lesson Plan Generator | AI Quiz Generator| AI Report Generator

Key Features


  • Generate detailed lesson plans
  • Easily create quizzes for formative assessments
  • Create structured handouts for lessons
  • Generate educational PowerPoints on any topic with minimal input.
  • Create educational projects for students, tailored to different units or topics.
  • Generate comprehensive reports for students
  • Generate emails for parents to keep them informed about their child’s progress.


Another Educational Assistant with a plethora of features, however what sets TeachMateAI apart is its Slide show generator (Which can be a daunting task in itself) and a metal wellbeing tool.

With more than 80+ tools to help teachers out this can be a great AI tool for teacher for all classes from primary to high school.

AI Tools for high school teachers


TeachMateAI is the ultimate AI-powered assistant for teachers, providing instant support and lifting the heavy workload. Crafted by education and tech experts this tool is tailored to make your life easier.

With it you can access a library of 80+ professional AI tools that can save you hours of work. Create bespoke lesson plans, teacher presentations, and generating personalized student reports.

Whether you’re a single teacher or part of a large school, TeachMateAI supports everyone, with specialized packages for different settings.

AI Educational Assistant| AI Lesson Plan Generator | AI Quiz Generator| AI Report Generator

Key Features


  • Simplifying lesson planning to risk assessments.
  • Slideshow Generator
  • Comprehension Questions and Quiz Generator
  • Wellbeing Focus: Seek wellbeing advice with comprehensive strategies, practical suggestions, and quick solutions for sleep, stress, and workload.
  • Activity Ideas Generator
  • Comprehension Generator to tailor content to your topic and reading focus.
  • Automated Reports while remaining 100% GDPR-compliant.

Auto Classmate

Auto Classmate is a simple yet powerful ChatGPT-4 powered AI Lesson Plan Generator. Planning Lessons logically can be a daunting task especially for the complete session. This tool has it covered.

The free version can generate a few lesson plans which can be sufficient for you but to avail the full potential you might have to purchase the premium plan.

AI tools elementary teachers

Auto Classmate

Auto Classmate AI-Powered Lesson Plan Generator is an innovative tool, driven by OpenAI’s GPT-4 technology, simplifies and enhances your lesson planning experience. Tailor your lesson plans to perfection, ensuring they align seamlessly with your teaching objectives.

State Standards Alignment: With just a click, align your plans with state standards, streamlining your curriculum design process. After crafting your plan, engage in insightful conversations about it with our AI-Powered Instructional Coach Chatbot

AI Lesson Planner

Key Features


Paid Plan

  • Lesson Plan and Activity Forecast Tool
  • Activation and Engagement Activity Generator
  • Would You Rather Question Generator
  • Editable and Unique Plans

Wolfram Alpha – AI Tool For math teachers

Just like students sometimes teachers may require some assistance in their work. If you are a math or sciences teacher this tool is great to hone and polish your skill in these fields.

Wolfram Alpha

Wolfram Alpha introduced a groundbreaking approach to acquiring knowledge and answers, revolutionizing the way we seek information. Unlike conventional web searches, Wolfram Alpha operates through dynamic computations, drawing upon an extensive repository of built-in data, cutting-edge algorithms, and advanced AI technology.

This innovation brings profound, expert-level knowledge within reach for everyone, anytime and anywhere. Accessible through any standard web browser, you can further enhance your experience by signing up for free to save favorites and access your history.

Wolfram|Alpha stands as a powerful resource for those seeking in-depth, expert-driven knowledge, setting a new standard for information retrieval and problem-solving.

AI Math Solver | AI Equation Solver  | AI Physics Solver | AI Algebra Solver | AI Finance Solver

Key Features


  • Obtain expert-level answers through dynamic computations.
  • Vast Knowledgebase
  • Web Browser Access
  • Toolbars and Extensions
  • Problem Generator
  • Free and Pro educational resources tailored for both teachers and students.

Geleza – AI Tool For English Teachers

Geleza provides a complete writing solution for teachers. With its advanced AI Language model you can write great content. To add further the tool has tools for exam generation and quiz generation making it a tailored AI content generator for teachers.

Furthermore it has additional tools apart from content generation so you can do a lot of things with a single tool.


Geleza offers a transformative suite of AI-powered tools tailored to diverse needs, elevating the capabilities of students, businesses, professionals, and creators alike.

Geleza has comprehensive tools and expert guidance for students. Optimize your operations, elevate decision-making, and achieve more with intelligent insights. Elevate content quality and efficiency, enabling you to focus on your craft.

AI Writing Assistant| AI Assignment Writer| AI Content Creator | AI Art Generator| AI Essay Generator | AI Exam Generator | AI Quiz Generator | AI Resume & Cover Letter | AI Script Writer | AI Summarizer | AI Paraphraser

Key Features

Paid Plan

  • Compose essays, reports, emails, and more. Edit, save, and paraphrase with ease.
  • AI Face Swap: Swiftly swap faces in images with AI
  • AI Exam Prep: Generate random exam questions and answers using AI.
  • Lyrics Writer: Effortlessly craft song lyrics in various artist styles and genres.
  • Video Script Writer: Create high-quality video scripts
  • Interview Prep: Enhance interview readiness by addressing potential questions and refining communication.


Lesson Plan AI is a powerful AI tool to create quick and efficient Lesson Plans for all graders. So if you want an AI Lesson Planner that is almost free do try it.


Boost your lesson planning efficiency with Create high-quality lesson plans 10 times faster with simplicity and power. Generate comprehensive lesson plans featuring engaging activities and resources for effective student learning and retention.

Each AI-generated lesson plan offers a step-by-step guide for easy implementation in classrooms.  Suitable for teachers across all grade levels, from K-12. Designed by teachers for teachers

AI Lesson Planner

Key Features


Paid Plan

  • Instant Lesson Plans: AI instantly generates top-notch lesson plans in seconds.
  • Tailor lesson plans using AI technology to suit your specific needs.
  • Streamlined Process
  •  Generate lessons for any subject effortlessly.


Smodin though originally designed for students can be a great help for teachers as well. It not only helps in problem solving for different subjects but also helps in making quizzes and grading them.


Write effortlessly with Smodin, your ultimate AI writing companion specially crafted for Academia . Craft high-quality, structured text complete with references and without Plagiarism.

The AI Homework Helper is quite efficient in answering all your Homework questions. You can instantly generate MLA and APA format references. Overcome creative blocks and receive innovative ideas. With it s broad knowledge base this  AI models cover all subjects, from biology to history.

AI Writing Assistant| AI Homework Assistant| AI Rewriter| AI Citation| AI Grading

Key Features


Paid Plan

  • AI-powered research tools for authoritative content.
  • Automatic References
  • Generate content by simply asking, harnessing Smodin, Google, and ChatGPT.
  • Get answers and detailed feedback with a click.
  • Improve text, arguments, and writing structure instantly.
  • Professional Quality: Achieve excellent professional standards.
  • Generate text 10x faster on any topic.
  • Ensure plagiarism-free content with AI and detectors.

CrossPlag – AI Tool For Teachers To Detect Plagiarism

In the field of academia plagiarism is looked down on. With the help of AI students can generate quick content. However it will definately have plagarism. This tool helps teachers to over come this issue.

With Crossplag AI Plagiarism Checker Teachers can ensure the originality of the assignments making it a great AI tool for higher grade teachers like middle school or high school.


Crossplag™ is the most holistic tool for plagiarism checking. We are dedicated to democratizing plagiarism checking while enabling users to have full ownership and control over their data.

AI Content Detector | AI Plagiarism Checker

Key Features

  • Free plan can let you check upto 100 words
  • Plagiarism checking against billions of writings
  • Translated Plagiarism Identification
  • More than 100 languages supported
  • Extensive file formats supported
  • Download Offline Plagiarism Report &  Certificates

GPTZero – Tool To Help teachers detect aI

Assignment created by AI are easy to detect with an AI Content detector. GPTZero is a free AI Content detector that all teachers should use to ensure that their students are not using AI to help them in their assignments.

A must have AI tool for all teachers especially in this age of AI generated content.


This AI detection tool is tailored with simplicity in mind. Specifically designed to cater to educators and educational institutions, GPTZero offers a wide array of academically-minded plagiarism detection tools. GPTzero focuses to provide a straightforward solution for identifying AI-generated content.

AI Content Detector

Key Features

  • Free
  • No Signup required
  • Simple and Straight forward UI
  • Content specific for ChatGPT
  • MS Word and LMS integrations.
  • 5000 words limit

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