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AI Language Models can craft outstanding speeches. If used properly it can analyze vast data sources, extract compelling arguments and tailor content to suit specific audiences.

AI maintains a consistent tone and style, has language mastery and data-driven insights. Additionally, it aids in overcoming writer’s block and enhances language proficiency for those who are not eloquent.

AI’s capabilities if complemented with human creativity and emotion can result in speeches that are clear, persuasive, and impactful.

Here we will see some free AI tools that can help you write a compelling speech.

Is there an ai that can write speeches?

Yes, there are AI-powered tools based on advance AI Language Models that can assist in generating great speeches.

These AI speech writing tools can help users draft, edit, and refine speeches by providing content suggestions, improving language, and ensuring the speech is well-structured and engaging.

While AI can assist in speech writing, it’s important to note that the final touch, desired emotion or delivery should still come from a human, as speeches require a personal touch and understanding of the audience. Some great free AI tools for speech writing are given below.

ai speech writer free


Writesonic, powered by the Open AI Language Model ChatGPT-4, is a comprehensive writing solution that can significantly aid in speechwriting tasks.

Though it has a paid version but the Freemium Version is sufficient to squeeze out a few good scripts for your Speech. With Writesonic you can give your speech the desired tone and style and it will be up to date to the latest trends and news.

Writesonic versatility and the ability to generate content in various languages make it a valuable tool for crafting speeches tailored to a global audience.

free ai speech writer


Writesonic provides a complete writing solution. Write SEO optimized marketing copy for blogs, essays, Facebook ads, Google Ads, Quora answers, and sales emails to increase clicks, conversions, and sales. It runs on the Open AI Language Model ChatGPT-4 and the writing is great. However it is suited more for content at scale

AI Article & Blog Writer | Paraphrasing Tool |Article Summarizer | AI Copywriting  |Landing Pages | Ads Writer

Key Features


  • 10,000 words/month for 1 user
  • Chatsonic: ChatGPT-like chatbot & No-code AI chatbot builder (max. 1 bot)
  • 100+ AI Templates
  • AI Article Writer 4.0
  • Browser extensions & 1-Click WordPress Export
  • Landing Page Generator
  • Sonic Editor (Google Docs like Editor)
  • 25+ Languages

Paid Plan (Individual & Business)

  • Unlimited words with all of the above features plus:
  • Brand Voice (Upto 3)
  • Complete Article Rewriter
  • Factual and Personalized Article Writer (AI Article Writer 5.0; Uses GPT-4 32K)
  • Botsonic: No-code AI chatbot builder
  • API Access Bulk Processing
  • Priority access to new features


My Essay Writer, while it’s primarily known for essay writing, it can be a valuable asset for speechwriters as well.

This AI tool employs Advanced Language Models to produce high-quality written content, including essays and speeches, without the need for sign-ups.

Speechwriters can leverage this tool easy to use UI with custom instructions to quickly assemble well-structured and informative speeches on a variety of topics.

Free AI Speech Writer

Myessaywriter.Ai assists users in generating high-quality written content that too for free. It uses Language Models to analyze user input and produce original and well-crafted essays on various topics included with citations. There is no need for sign up either. A great free tool for students, professionals, and anyone who needs to produce high-quality written content that is flawless.

AI Essay Writer | Paraphrasing Tool | AI Essay Outline

Key Features


Includes paid writing services as well


If your speech requires scraping the internet for the latest data for then this is the tool for you. For speechwriters looking to bolster their arguments with facts and figures, Perplexity’s advanced answer engine and predictive text capabilities can provide valuable insights.

Whether you need to write a complete script or gather information to support your speech, Perplexity can streamline the information retrieval process.

The free version has limited queries but are sufficient to write a few killer speech drafts.

Free AI Speech Writer


Perplexity is an AI research assistant designed to enhance your online information searching experience. It features a conversational interface with contextual awareness and personalization, adapting to your interests and preferences over time.

Perplexity understands natural language questions, making it easy to interact with. It utilizes an advanced answer engine to process questions and tasks.

Perplexity aims to make online information retrieval efficient and user-centric, providing you with the answers and knowledge you seek.

AI Research Assistant| AI Writing Assistant

Key Features


  • Conversational Interface
  • Contextual Awareness with conversation history to provide contextually relevant answers.
  • Perplexity learns your interests and preferences to tailor responses to your needs.
  • Advanced Answer Engine
  • Predictive Text by predicting text and summarizing information concisely.
  • Focus search by narrowing down sources for more targeted results.
  • Copilot offers interactive guidance for in-depth searches
  • Threads feature to organize your conversations with Perplexity, allowing easy reference, sharing, editing, and follow-up questions.
  • Personalized AI Profile for personalized results


Merlin is a Chrome Extention powered by ChatGPT-4, and you can use CHatGPT-4 on merlin for free.

Either you can enter the prompt for a speech directly or let it interact with different web pages to find related data for your speech and organize it in a better way.

If you find a good speech on Youtube or a Ted Talk it can interact with it to give you out a customized output based on that video.


Merlin is a Google Chrome Extension powered by ChatGPT-4. With merlin Content writing can hits new levels and its integration can help you write content on a lot of platforms. Whether you are writing on social media or an email or writing content in general you can use Merlin and its real-time web data to get accurate and precise written content

AI Writing Assistant

Key Features

Free Plan All features but limited to 51 Queries/day

Paid Plan

  • Unlimited GPT-4 Access
  • Access to live web data
  • AI Chatbot on any website
  • ChatGPT for Google Search
  • ChatGPT for Youtube Summary
  • ChatGPT writer on LinkedIn
  • ChatGPT writer on Twitter
  • ChatGPT writer on Gmail


ChatGPT can be a valuable resource to help you craft a great speech. The results with a good prompts can be surprisingly well. Here are some ways in which ChatGPT can assist you.

  • Generating Content: Help you brainstorm ideas and content for your speech. You can provide a topic or a specific theme, and it can provide you with relevant information, key points, and facts.
  • Structuring Your Speech: Help you organize your speech by suggesting a clear and logical structure.
  • Writing Assistance: Assist you in drafting paragraphs, sentences, or even specific phrases.
  • Editing and Proofreading: Assist in reviewing and editing your speech for grammar, punctuation, and coherence. It can provide suggestions for improving sentence structure and overall readability.
  • Creating Engaging Openings and Closings: Help you craft attention-grabbing openings and memorable closing statements.
  • Adding Persuasive Elements: Can offer guidance on using persuasive techniques and rhetorical devices effectively.
  • Providing Quotes and References: Help you find suitable quotes or cite relevant sources.

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