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Writing a book or a novel can be a daunting task. But not anymore. With the advent of AI Language Models like ChatGPT this process has really become quite easier. Here we will share 11 AI Novel Writing Tools that will assist you in your next writing endeavor.

What to check your errors and grammer? Or stuck in a writing block? Or just want a Writing Assistant that helps you speed up the process. All of these tools have something which can help you out. So lets dive in into these AI Tools for Book Writing

Round Up – best aI Writing Tools for Writers

Soduwriter – Overall Best

SudoWrite is an AI writing tool specifically tailored for novelists, providing an intuitive interface and powerful features to enhance your novel-writing journey. It offers intelligent keyword suggestions, utilizing novel-centric algorithms to support accurate and precise novel creation.

It also provides reader insight analytics and creative brainstorming features. With multilingual compatibility, you can write in any language. The tool offers a rich resource library filled with writing resources and tips to refine your storytelling skills.


Sudowrite is a cutting-edge AI writing tool tailored for novelists, offering an exceptional user experience. Crafted by writers, for writers, it boasts a clean, intuitive interface and powerful features to enhance your novel-writing journey.

Elevate your novel-writing game with Sudowrite—an AI assistant that empowers writers to craft engaging stories effortlessly. Seamlessly accelerate your writing process with AI-powered keyword recommendations. Experience specialized algorithms designed to support novel creation with accuracy and precision.

AI Written Content Writer | AI Essay Writer| AI Blog Writer| AI Story Writer

Key Features

Free (No Free Plan)

Paid Plan

  • Intelligent Keyword Suggestions:
  • Novel-Centric Algorithms:
  • Reader Insight Analytics:
  • Creative Brainstorming
  • Multilingual Compatibility: Write in any language, and Sudowrite will adapt to your choice.
  • Rich Resource Library: Access a plethora of writing resources and tips to refine your storytelling skills.
AI Novel Writing Tools

Jasper.AI – Generate Content at Scale

Jasper is one of the leading AI tool when it comes to AI written content. With countless tools and new tools being added regularly Jasper sure is a great tool for writers looking for AI tools for Novel writing. You can train the language model as per your own style and produce written content at scale.


Jasper is an on-brand AI platform for businesses. It helps creators use generative AI to break through writer’s block, create original imagery, and repackage content into different formats, tones and languages. Unlike most AI tools which are tied to individual tools and can produce pretty generic outputs, Jasper can be trained on your brand and called up on any platform you use from email to social media to your website.

AI Content Generator | AI Art Generator| AI Writing Tools & more…

Key Features

Free Plan

No Free Version however you can try it for free

Paid Plan

Different Price Plans for Business, Teams & Creators. Basic Plan  Includes

  • 1 seat
  • 1 Brand Voice
  • 50 Knowledge Assets
  • 50+ Templates
  • Access SEO mode
  • Use AI everywhere with browser extension

Rytr.AI – Budget Friendly Writing Assistant

Rytr is another great too that help write AI written content. It is quite cheaper then other writing tools plus it has a lot of features. A great AI Writing assistant with great tools.

Rytr is a paid content writing tool which is quite inexpensive when compared to other tools. The UI is simple,  You select the use case or template and click on generate text. This AI writing assistance will generate unique content depending on your input.

You can write all types of content in just a few clicks using Rytr, including product descriptions, blogs, social media content, reviews, taglines, and much more.

AI Article & Blog Writer | AI Copywriting | AI Paraphrasing and more

Key Features


The Free plan of Rytr is best to check this tool before purchasing it allows you to generate 5000 characters per month

Paid Plan (3 Paid Plans)

  • Access to all tools
  • Access to new features
  • Access to all add-ons including Chat with PDF
  • Chrome extension

Grammarly – Great for Fixing Grammer

Grammarly is an AI-powered grammar checker that ensures grammatical accuracy in your writing. While it doesn’t contribute to the creative process, it helps detect spelling and grammar mistakes, including typos.

With its AI-powered grammar correction and error spotting assistance, you can create grammatically flawless sentences. It offers a free version for basic grammar, spelling, and punctuation checks, and a premium plan with advanced features. A great AI Writing tool


Grammarly, a remarkable AI grammar checker, is an indispensable tool for novel writers. While it doesn’t contribute to your creative writing process, it ensures grammatical accuracy by detecting spelling and grammar mistakes.

You can leverage Grammarly’s artificial intelligence to create grammatically flawless sentences. Detect errors that might go unnoticed, including typos, enhancing the precision of your writing.

AI Grammar Correction | AI Rewriter | AI Written Error Correction

Key Features

Free (grammar, spelling, and punctuation checker)

  • Paid Plan (2 Plans)
  • AI-Powered Grammar Correction
  • Error Spotting Assistance
  • Elevate your writing style and content quality by receiving suggestions
  • Streamlines the editing process by realtime error detection.
  • Available as a browser extension, downloadable app, or web-based platform,
  • Google Docs Integration
  • Performance Insights: Gain monthly overviews of your writing statistics
AI Novel Writing Tools


WordTune is an AI-powered app that offers a range of features to assist writers throughout their writing journey. It provides spelling and grammar checks, idea organization, focus enhancement, and the ability to gather feedback from beta readers and fellow writers.

You can refine your writing style, alter tone, manage content length, and integrate it with Microsoft Word. WordTune offers both free and paid plans, with the free plan allowing 10 runs per day.


WordTune is the ultimate companion for writers seeking to bring their ideas to life. This AI-powered app offers a comprehensive range of features to assist you throughout your writing journey, from conceptualizing ideas to refining your work to perfection.

You can Keep track of your creative thoughts and prevent ideas from slipping away during writing. Adjust the tone of your content to match the desired mood or atmosphere. Seamlessly expand or condense your content as needed, without compromising its coherence. Maintain impeccable language quality with WordTune’s integrated spelling and grammar checks.

AI Grammar Correction | AI Rewriter | AI Written Error Correction

Key Features

Free (Lets you do 10 checks/day)

Paid Plan (2 Plans)

  • Spelling and Grammar Checks
  • Idea Organization
  • Focus Enhancement with WordTune’s focused writing support.
  • Gather feedback from beta readers and fellow writers
  • Writing Style Refinement: Employ WordTune to refine your writing style.
  • Tone Alteration and content length management:
  • Microsoft Word Integration
AI Book Writing Tools


Authors.AI is a free AI novel writing software that offers detailed analysis of your manuscript. It provides comprehensive analysis, subject and pacing assessment, readability gauging, and cliché detection. By uploading your work, you can receive actionable insights, structured tips, and multiple draft support.

Authors.AI helps enhance your writing quality and style by examining aspects like dialogue vs. narrative ratio and sentence structure. The free version provides unlimited basic AI reports. But if you are looking for an AI tool for book writing that does everything then you have to ger the paid version

Authors.AI is an invaluable free AI novel writing software designed to elevate your manuscript through detailed analysis. By uploading your work, you gain access to a wide range of insights that enhance your writing quality and style. provides an in-depth examination of your manuscript, including dialogue vs. narrative ratio, sentence structure analysis, and comparison with bestsellers. It ensure accurate subject representation and logical pacing for a coherent and engaging narrative.

AI Writer| AI Book Writer

Key Features

Free (Gives unlimited basic AI reports, for detailed reports you need paid plan)

Paid Plan (2 Plans)

  • Comprehensive Analysis
  • Subject and Pacing Assessment
  • Gauge the readability of your novel
  • Cliché Detection
  • Multiple Draft Support
  • Structured Tips to enhance different aspects of your writing.
  • Actionable Insights with Unbiased Critique
AI Novel Writing Tools


Sassbook is an AI writing software that brings creativity to your fingertips. It allows you to select genres and generate original fiction, providing event timelines, character personalities, and plot development assistance.

You can create various forms of content, from paragraphs to headlines. By rating the AI-generated content, you can train it to understand your preferences. Sassbook offers organized idea management, versatile content generation, and customizable style.


Sassbook stands out as a remarkable AI writing software that brings a wealth of creativity to your fingertips. With the ability to select from various genres and generate original fiction, it provides a seamless and enjoyable writing experience.

You can create event timelines, characterize personalities, and outline locations for streamlined plot development and narrative coherence. Generate paragraphs, short-form content, long-form stories, and even catchy headlines with Sassbook’s powerful AI capabilities. The best part is that you can train the AI to understand your preferences by rating its generated content with thumbs up or down.

AI Writer| AI Book Writer | AI Summarizer

Key Features

Free (limited and you cannot get much work done)

Paid Plan (2 Plans)

  • Organized Idea Management
  • Focus Enhancement by using Sassbook’s organizational structure
  • Versatile Content Generation
  • Customizable Style by choosing genres or crafting your own unique style.
  • Train the AI to understand your preferences
AI Novel Writing Tools


Quillbot is an advanced AI writing software that offers insightful feedback, suggestions, a thesaurus, and a grammar checker. It assists with idea generation, effective editing support, grammar suggestions, and grammar and plagiarism checking. With Chrome extension integration and natural language processing, Quillbot enhances writing efficiency and quality. It helps you confidently write grammatically correct and original content.


Quillbot, an advanced AI writing software, is designed to enhance your writing journey by providing insightful feedback and suggestions. With features like a thesaurus, grammar checker, and the ability to quickly generate content, Quillbot is a versatile tool that can greatly benefit novel writers.

You can write confidently knowing that your sentences are grammatically correct and your content is original, all while using the power of AI. You can Leverage AI-driven natural language processing to enhance your writing efficiency and quality.

AI Writer| AI Grammer Checker | AI Plagiarism Checker

Key Features

Free (No Free Version)

Paid Plan (2 Plans)

  • Idea Generation
  • Effective Editing Support, rectify errors in your writing beforehand
  • Quillbot’s grammar suggestions
  • Grammar and Plagiarism Checker
  • Chrome Extension Integration
  • Natural Language Processing
AI Novel Writing Tools

ProWriting Aid

ProWriting Aid is a comprehensive writing tool that guides your novel from draft to polished masterpiece. It features grammar correction, originality enhancement, alternative word suggestions, and spelling and punctuation checks. The tool offers AI-powered writing assistance, pre-designed chapter templates, and even support for screenwriting. With its character name generator and chapter templates, ProWriting Aid provides unparalleled assistance throughout your writing journey.

ProWriting Aid

ProWriting Aid stands as a feature-rich writing tool designed to guide your novel from initial draft to polished masterpiece. Equipped with a character name generator and chapter templates, it offers unparalleled assistance throughout your writing journey.

You can detect and correct grammatical errors to ensure a polished and professional writing style. Identify and eliminate repetitive and clichéd phrases, enabling you to infuse originality into your narrative. Streamline your editing process by swiftly identifying and rectifying spelling and punctuation errors.

AI Writing Assistant| AI Book Writer | AI Summarizer

Key Features

Free (No Free Version)

Paid Plan (2 Plans)

  • Comprehensive Grammar Correction:
  • Originality Enhancement:
  • Alternative Word Suggestions
  • Spelling and Punctuation Checks
  • AI-Powered Writing Assistance:
  • Utilize pre-designed chapter templates
  • Screenwriting Support
AI Novel Writing Tools


Each of these AI writing tools offers unique features and capabilities to support novelists and writers in various aspects of the writing process, from grammar and style enhancement to idea generation and manuscript analysis.

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