AI Tools For College & University Students

AI is being leveraged in every aspect of our life. And it is expected it will have certain degree of influence in every domain in the next few years. Same is true for AI when it comes to academia. AI is being used by students and teachers alike to help them streamline their work and be more productive.

AI is a tool, which is there to assist us. Just as a calculator helps us solve equations quickly, AI can speed up the learning process. If used ethically AI tools for students can be leveraged to score better grades without losing the essence of learning.

Here is a list of AI tools that can help college, university and even PhD Students in being more productive and scoring better.

How AI Tools Can Be used by University Students?

University students can leverage AI (Artificial Intelligence) in various ways to enhance their studies and academic performance. Here are some practical ways university students can use AI for their studies:

Research Assistance: AI-powered search engines and research tools can help students find relevant academic papers, articles, and resources quickly.

Summarize Long Papers: AI can assist in summarizing lengthy texts, making it easier to extract key information from research materials.

Homework and Problem Solving: AI-based educational platforms and apps can provide step-by-step solutions to complex problems in subjects like mathematics, physics, and engineering.

Writing Assistance: AI-powered writing assistants can help students improve their essays and academic papers by providing grammar and style suggestions.

Plagiarism detection tools and AI Content Detection Tools can ensure the originality of academic work.

Study Planning and Scheduling: AI-driven study planners can create customized study schedules based on coursework and exam dates.

Tutoring and Support: AI-powered tutoring systems can offer additional help in subjects where students may need extra support. Chatbots can answer questions and provide explanations on various topics.

Data Analysis: Students in data-intensive fields can use AI tools for data analysis, making it easier to process and interpret large datasets.

Note-Taking and Organization: AI-driven note-taking apps can transcribe handwritten notes, making them searchable and easily accessible.

Best AI Tools For Graduate & PhD Students


Doctrina AI offers a range of AI tools designed to enhance the educational experience of College & University Students.

Apart from creating compelling content for your assignments, research papers or thesis it includes a Class Notes Tool for summarized class notes, the ability to generate assignments with citations, an AI Exam Generator , and a Quiz Generator based on difficulty levels.

These AI tools significantly aid university students in their studies.


Doctrina AI introduces a range of tools designed to amplify the educational experience. Doctrina AI goes beyond individual users, offering a Software Development Kit (SDK) that empowers educational institutions to seamlessly integrate these AI tools into their systems. This integration creates a bespoke learning environment, enhancing engagement, comprehension, and student-teacher interactions.

AI Writing Assistant| AI Assignment Writer| AI Note Summarizer| AI Content Detector | AI Essay Generator | AI Exam Generator | AI Quiz Generator

Key Features

Paid Plan

  • Class Notes Tool for summarized class notes.
  • AI Content Generator
  • Generate assignments with citations
  • AI Exam Generator: Craft exams based on specific books, subjects, and topics
  • Quiz Generator: Craft quizzes by inputting topic and selecting difficulty level.


Scholarcy is a powerful tool that helps students and researchers stay updated with the latest research. It saves valuable time by summarizing research articles, reports, and book chapters, providing quick insights into crucial information.

Scholarcy’s AI-driven Highlighter emphasizes critical phrases and contributions within academic papers, and it provides comprehensive summaries with proper references. All these features are crucial for writing compelling and authentic research papers for university students.


Scholarcy is a powerful online article summarizer tool, addressing the perennial challenge of staying abreast of the latest research amidst the deluge of publications. With millions of new research articles, reports, white papers, and company documents flooding the scene each year, Scholarcy steps in to save researchers and students hundreds of hours.

AI Writing Assistant| AI Summarizer| AI Academic Writer

Key Features

Free Plan Chrome Extension with limited queries

Paid Plan

  • Summarizing research articles, reports, and book chapters
  • Time-saving Appraisal by identifying crucial information
  • Background Reading for newcomers to a field.
  • AI-driven Highlighter emphasizes critical phrases and contributions within academic papers
  • Comprehensive summaries of entire papers with proper references
  • Customizable Summarization
  • Table and Figure Extraction

Wolfram Alpha

Having difficulty with a particular subject? This is a comprehensive AI tool that has extensive build in data and cutting edge AI driven algorithm that can help you in solving complex problems.

It is quipped to handle numerous subjects and comes with extension and tool bar making your work productive no matter what platform you are using. A great AI assistant for college students.

Wolfram Alpha

Wolfram Alpha introduced a groundbreaking approach to acquiring knowledge and answers, revolutionizing the way we seek information. Unlike conventional web searches, Wolfram Alpha operates through dynamic computations, drawing upon an extensive repository of built-in data, cutting-edge algorithms, and advanced AI technology.

This innovation brings profound, expert-level knowledge within reach for everyone, anytime and anywhere. Accessible through any standard web browser, you can further enhance your experience by signing up for free to save favorites and access your history.

Wolfram|Alpha stands as a powerful resource for those seeking in-depth, expert-driven knowledge, setting a new standard for information retrieval and problem-solving.

AI Math Solver | AI Equation Solver  | AI Physics Solver | AI Algebra Solver | AI Finance Solver

Key Features


  • Obtain expert-level answers through dynamic computations.
  • Vast Knowledgebase
  • Web Browser Access
  • Toolbars and Extensions
  • Problem Generator
  • Free and Pro educational resources tailored for both teachers and students.


One of the daunting tasks that college and university students have carry out is to read numerous dry and dull research papers. ChatPDF simplifies the process of comprehending research papers, journal articles, legal contracts, financial reports, and manuals.

Its user-friendly interface allows users to interact with PDF documents as if they were engaging in a conversation. Get a summary or ask questions regarding the paper, this tool has it covered.


ChatPDF has emerged as a game-changer for students, researchers, and professionals, this AI tool enables users to interact with PDF documents as if they were engaging in a conversation. With a user-friendly interface, it simplifies the process of comprehending research papers, journal articles, legal contracts, financial reports, and manuals, thus making it a versatile tool for multiple sectors.

AI Summarizer| AI PDF Reader| AI Academic Writer

Key Features

  • Effortless PDF Access & insights from scientific papers, academic articles, books, etc.
  • Quick insights from legal documents, financial reports, manuals, and training materials
  • Multiple Language Support
  • Citation Integration includes references to their source within the original PDF document
  • Files stored in a protected cloud environment, assuring privacy and data security.


Sourcely streamlines the academic research process by discovering and formating sources for academic papers. Its intuitive features make research effortless, helping students find the right materials quickly and efficiently.

Sourcely ensures source credibility, assuring students that they are working with credible and reliable sources. This AI tool is a game-changer for procrastinating university students who leave the important task of referencing till the very end.


Sourcely is a game-changing AI-powered solution designed to streamline your academic research process. Are you tired of sifting through endless search results for your sources? Look no further. Sourcely revolutionizes how you discover, summarize, and format sources for your academic papers. Its intuitive features make the research journey effortless, ensuring you find the right materials quickly and efficiently.

AI Writing Assistant| AI Source Finder | AI Academic Writer | AI Summarizer

Key Features

Free Plan All features but limited to 300 words

Paid Plan

  • Effortless Source Discovery & Source Matching
  • Seamless Essay Integration: Paste your essay or paragraph and let Sourcely handle the rest.
  • Filter and Sort: Narrow down your search by year of publication for targeted results.
  • Assured Source Credibility: Sourcely ensures you’re working with credible and reliable sources.


Isaac is a comprehensive AI tool specifically designed for Masters and PhD students , offering integrated AI support throughout the writing process.

It serves as a personalized AI writing assistant tailored exclusively for academic writing, with features like autocomplete, paraphrasing, summarization, and more.

With unlimited access to GPT-4 and support for multiple languages, Isaac is a must-have tool for university students to excel in their academic journey.


Isaac seamlessly integrates at all stages of the writing process into one intuitive platform. Isaac sets an AI-first standard for academic writing, revolutionizing the way scholars engage with their research and craft their work. With support for 13 languages and more on the horizon, Isaac is the AI-powered ally that accompanies you through every step of your academic journey.

AI Writing Assistant| AI Assignment Writer| AI Microsoft Support | AI Academic Writer

Key Features

Paid Plan

  • Integrated AI assistant, functioning as your personalized ChatGPT tailored exclusively for academic writing.
  • AI-Supported Writing: Features like autocomplete, paraphrasing, summarization, and more, all bolstered by AI technology.
  • Literature Search: Access a comprehensive academic literature search
  • Chat with Documents: Upload your papers and let Isaac provide insightful answers to your queries.
  • Automate Workflows
  • References Management: Manage and organize your documents within Isaac’s reference list


Consensus offers a comprehensive search experience, trusted results, and lightning-fast summarizations of research findings using advanced language models like GPT-4.

Specifically designed to interact with scientific papers and research, this AI tool eliminates the tedious process of keyword matching and provides invaluable support for PhD students and researchers in their quest for knowledge.


Consensus is designed to expedite the quest for insights buried within the vast ocean of scientific papers. This robust tool boasts extensive coverage, offering access to over 200 million research papers without the need for precise keyword matching. While ChatGPT excels in conversation, Consensus is meticulously designed to enhance the research process, making it an invaluable asset in the pursuit of knowledge.

AI Scientific Research | AI Academic Writer

Key Features

  • Comprehensive Search by providing an all-encompassing search experience, eliminating the tedious process of keyword matching
  • Trusted Results anchoring all search results to actual studies
  • Instant Insights using advanced language models like GPT-4 and other LLMs, Consensus delivers lightning-fast summarizations of research findings.


If you use AI writing tools to write your research paper or assignments then your content can be detected for AI written content. Even if you carry our heavy editing there is a chance that AI content will be detected no matter what writing tools you use.

GPTZero is a free tool that helps you detect AI content in your written material. A crucial tool tool for university students if they want to avoid AI content detection.


This AI detection tool is tailored with simplicity in mind. Specifically designed to cater to educators and educational institutions, GPTZero offers a wide array of academically-minded plagiarism detection tools. GPTzero focuses to provide a straightforward solution for identifying AI-generated content.

AI Content Detector

Key Features

  • Free
  • No Signup required
  • Simple and Straight forward UI
  • Content specific for ChatGPT
  • MS Word and LMS integrations.
  • 5000 words limit is a powerful AI content detector and plagiarism detector. It offers industry-leading accuracy for detecting AI content and plagiarism.

A great tool for University students to make their written work AI Content and Plagiarism free.

This is a leading tool that brings the power of AI to the world of content detection. It’s a favorite among users for its ability to swiftly and accurately identify AI-generated content, ensuring the authenticity and originality of written material. Its speedy yet reliable analysis makes it a capable partner for preserving the integrity of your content.

AI Content Detector | AI Plagiarism Checker

Key Features

  • Industry-leading accuracy for detecting AI content
  • Real-time detection of AI-generated content
  • Convenient Google Chrome extension
  • Breakdown of AI and Human text
  • Manage team access levels and activities
  • Scan any email, document or website
  • API for text analysis at scale
  • $0.01 per credit, where one credit can scan ~100 words

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Grammarly is a remarkable AI grammar checker that ensures grammatical accuracy in writing. It detects spelling and grammar mistakes, enhancing the precision of your writing. Grammarly is available as a browser extension, downloadable app, or web-based platform and offers features like AI-powered grammar correction, error spotting assistance, and performance insights.

A valuable tool for improving writing quality of your written work.


Grammarly, a remarkable AI grammar checker, is an indispensable tool for novel writers. While it doesn’t contribute to your creative writing process, it ensures grammatical accuracy by detecting spelling and grammar mistakes.

You can leverage Grammarly’s artificial intelligence to create grammatically flawless sentences. Detect errors that might go unnoticed, including typos, enhancing the precision of your writing.

AI Grammar Correction | AI Rewriter | AI Written Error Correction

Key Features

Free (grammar, spelling, and punctuation checker)

  • Paid Plan (2 Plans)
  • AI-Powered Grammar Correction
  • Error Spotting Assistance
  • Elevate your writing style and content quality by receiving suggestions
  • Streamlines the editing process by realtime error detection.
  • Available as a browser extension, downloadable app, or web-based platform,
  • Google Docs Integration
  • Performance Insights: Gain monthly overviews of your writing statistics


If used properly ChatGPT can be of great assistance for college and university students. It can help you to brainstorm, find relevant academic papers and resources, summarizing lengthy texts, provide step-by-step solutions to complex problems, assist in writing or analyze data. With the right prompts it can do wonders.

best ai for academic writing & research paper writing

All of these tools if used properly can be of great assistant for academic or research paper writing. Do check out the best tools for research paper here.

What AI tools are best for PhD Students?

The best AI tool combo for PhD students will be a blend of Doctrina, Consensus, ChatPDF and Isaac. If we have to chose one it will be Isaac.

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