AI Tools to Help In Homework

ChatGPT is here to stay and so is it AI produced content. Whether we like it or not It will be used in every domain. One of them is helping students do their homework.

Hiring tutors can be expensive and a good way to make your work speedy and productive is to use AI Homework helper. And to be honest these tools do give accurate and verified answers.

Here is a list of some of the tools that can help students in their homework

Our Pick – AI Homework Helper Toolss


Smodin, a dedicated AI homework helper, simplifies the task of students. Craft well-structured, plagiarism-free content effortlessly with this indispensable tool tailored for academia.

 Smodin excels in providing efficient answers to your homework questions and offers instant generation of MLA and APA format references, streamlining your research process.

With a vast knowledge base covering various subjects, from biology to history, Smodin serves as a versatile AI writing assistant.

AI Tools for Homework


Write effortlessly with Smodin, your ultimate AI writing companion specially crafted for Academia . Craft high-quality, structured text complete with references and without Plagiarism.

The AI Homework Helper is quite efficient in answering all your Homework questions. You can instantly generate MLA and APA format references. Overcome creative blocks and receive innovative ideas. With it s broad knowledge base this  AI models cover all subjects, from biology to history.

AI Writing Assistant| AI Homework Assistant| AI Rewriter| AI Citation| AI Grading

Key Features


Paid Plan

  • AI-powered research tools for authoritative content.
  • Automatic References
  • Generate content by simply asking, harnessing Smodin, Google, and ChatGPT.
  • Get answers and detailed feedback with a click.
  • Improve text, arguments, and writing structure instantly.
  • Professional Quality: Achieve excellent professional standards.
  • Generate text 10x faster on any topic.
  • Ensure plagiarism-free content with AI and detectors.


OddityAI is an AI tool specifically designed to help students in their homework. With a wide range of subjects being cover from math to history and the catalog is just expanding overtime.

You can upload your homework or use the AI Homework Helper Bot to help you out inn your subject. A really simple and straightforward tool to help you out inn your homework.

AI Homework Helper Tools


OddityAI is a specialized AI tool designed to provide quick and accurate answers to all your homework problems. No matter what the subject is. Whether it’s math, science, history, or any other subject this AI homework solves it all.

Simply upload your worksheet or take a clear picture of your homework paper, and within seconds, our high-powered AI will provide you with comprehensive answers.

AI Homework Helper

Key Features


Paid Plan

  • Instant Homework Solutions
  • Subject Variety: From complex math equations to intricate history questions, our AI Homework Helper can handle it all.
  • Accuracy and Speed


  • Explanation of Difficult Concepts
  • Assist in solving math problems, science equations, and coding challenges step by step.
  • Can suggest credible sources, summarize articles, and help you find information for research-based assignments.
  • ChatGPT can assist with grammar, writing style, and essay structure, making your writing more polished.
  • It can provide translations, vocabulary explanations, and practice exercises for language-related tasks.
  • For history or science assignments, ChatGPT can provide factual information and context.
  • It can help with code explanations, debugging, and algorithm design for programming assignments.


Isaac seamlessly integrates into the entire writing process, setting a new standard for academic writing. This innovative tool redefines how scholars engage with their research and craft their academic work.

With support for 13 languages and integrated AI assistant, personalized for academic writing, Isaac is your AI-powered companion throughout your academic journey.

The platform also offers a comprehensive academic literature search and the ability to chat with documents, enabling insightful answers to your queries. Making it a powerful tool for creative assignments and homework


Isaac seamlessly integrates at all stages of the writing process into one intuitive platform. Isaac sets an AI-first standard for academic writing, revolutionizing the way scholars engage with their research and craft their work. With support for 13 languages and more on the horizon, Isaac is the AI-powered ally that accompanies you through every step of your academic journey.

AI Writing Assistant| AI Assignment Writer| AI Microsoft Support | AI Academic Writer

Key Features

Paid Plan

  • Integrated AI assistant, functioning as your personalized ChatGPT tailored exclusively for academic writing.
  • AI-Supported Writing: Features like autocomplete, paraphrasing, summarization, and more, all bolstered by AI technology.
  • Literature Search: Access a comprehensive academic literature search
  • Chat with Documents: Upload your papers and let Isaac provide insightful answers to your queries.
  • Automate Workflows
  • References Management: Manage and organize your documents within Isaac’s reference list


Designed with a central focus on growth, Caktus offers an affordable solution for enhancing your educational journey. Its array of features empowers learners across various disciplines.

This ingenious tool provides access to class assistance, writing aids, math and science support, coding guidance, and citation tools, offering a holistic educational experience.

With step-by-step textual solutions for complex subjects like math and science, support for multiple programming languages and access to academic sources for accurate information, Caktus can be a real help in homework.


Caktus is an ingenious tool designed to expand your intellectual horizons. With a central focus on growth, Caktus serves as your affordable AI companion, aimed at enhancing your educational experience. Its power becomes evident as you take advantage of its wide array of features.

With its comprehensive tool list, access class assistance, writing tools, math and science aids, coding support, citation tools, and a conversational tutor.

AI Writing Assistant| AI Assignment Writer| AI Coding Helper| AI Academic Writer

Key Features

Paid Plan

  • Caktus writing assistant
  • Covercomplex subjects with step-by-step textual solutions for math, science, and physics.
  • Navigate coding challenges with support for various programming languages.
  • Academic sources for accurate information.
  • Caktus Text Editor to polish and prepare your documents for submission.
  • Unlimited AI Outputs
  • Draw from trusted published papers for robust research.
  • Grasp complex concepts with clear, step-by-step solutions.


For students, Geleza offers comprehensive tools and expert guidance, optimizing academic performance and help in homework

Geleza’s AI toolbox includes a Writing Assistant for essays, reports, and emails, along with versatile editing, saving, and paraphrasing features.  

Geleza empowers students to achieve more across diverse disciplines, making it an invaluable resource for educational and creative endeavors.


Geleza offers a transformative suite of AI-powered tools tailored to diverse needs, elevating the capabilities of students, businesses, professionals, and creators alike.

Geleza has comprehensive tools and expert guidance for students. Optimize your operations, elevate decision-making, and achieve more with intelligent insights. Elevate content quality and efficiency, enabling you to focus on your craft.

AI Writing Assistant| AI Assignment Writer| AI Content Creator | AI Art Generator| AI Essay Generator | AI Exam Generator | AI Quiz Generator | AI Resume & Cover Letter | AI Script Writer | AI Summarizer | AI Paraphraser

Key Features

Paid Plan

  • Compose essays, reports, emails, and more. Edit, save, and paraphrase with ease.
  • AI Face Swap: Swiftly swap faces in images with AI
  • AI Exam Prep: Generate random exam questions and answers using AI.
  • Lyrics Writer: Effortlessly craft song lyrics in various artist styles and genres.
  • Video Script Writer: Create high-quality video scripts
  • Interview Prep: Enhance interview readiness by addressing potential questions and refining communication.


A more advanced tool for students who need to go in more detail of the subject they are studying and want to add latest insight from latest publication and research.

A great tool if you want to go in-depth of a certain subject and sat abreast on the latest research on it.


Scholarcy is a powerful online article summarizer tool, addressing the perennial challenge of staying abreast of the latest research amidst the deluge of publications. With millions of new research articles, reports, white papers, and company documents flooding the scene each year, Scholarcy steps in to save researchers and students hundreds of hours.

AI Writing Assistant| AI Summarizer| AI Academic Writer

Key Features

Free Plan Chrome Extension with limited queries

Paid Plan

  • Summarizing research articles, reports, and book chapters
  • Time-saving Appraisal by identifying crucial information
  • Background Reading for newcomers to a field.
  • AI-driven Highlighter emphasizes critical phrases and contributions within academic papers
  • Comprehensive summaries of entire papers with proper references
  • Customizable Summarization
  • Table and Figure Extraction

Using for Homework

Chatbots can be helpful for homework by providing explanations, solutions, and guidance. However, their effectiveness depends on the quality of the chatbot and the complexity of the task.

They can be a useful supplement to traditional studying and research methods. AI can assist you in doing your homework but it cannot do your homework with a single click. Use is wisely.


  1. Is there an AI to help with homework?

    Yes, there are AI-powered tools and chatbots designed to assist students with their homework by providing explanations, solutions, and guidance.

  2. Which AI is best for assignment?

    The “best” AI for assignments can vary depending on the specific subject and type of assignment.

  3. Which AI tool is best for students?

    Turnitin and similar plagiarism detection services are designed to identify similarities between submitted content and existing sources, including AI-generated content. Therefore, Turnitin can potentially detect content generated by ChatGPT or other AI language models.

  4. Which AI tool is best for students?

    The best AI tool for students depends on their needs and subjects. For writing and grammar, Grammarly is widely used. For math and science, Wolfram Alpha is a valuable resource. Additionally, educational chatbots like ChatGPT can provide general assistance.

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